Dance Classes For Schools


We at SAS DANCE COMPANY offers dance classes, dance lessons and fitness classes for school children from age 3 to 18 in all over mauritius It can be during the schools hours or after school club .We focus on making an impact on our students through a curriculum designed to build courage, connection, and self-awareness.

Our Instructors are passionate, experienced and are lifelong learners in the art of dance education.

We create dance in combination of music , poetry and drama . Combining poetic and choreographic structures and devices, students will experience collaboration within the arts. They will identify their personal values and build empathy as they connect their personal poetry to movement choices. Students will explore the modern and creative dance elements of Body, Action, Space, Time, and Energy, as they find connections in quality, theme, tone and action, as they work alongside renowned professional choreographers. 

 Sas Dance Company brings the dance styles of your choice to your school teaching courage, connection, and self-awareness through movement. Our teaching artists are skilled educators in a variety of forms of dance including: ballet, hip hop, modern, bollywood, jazz, breakdance, latin, storytime dance, folk, and ballroom. We also offer fitness classes for yoga , pilates , zumba and special kids exercise classes for schools.

45 minutes to an hour is usually enough time to spend on an activity such as dancing. We can tailor an activity to whatever your needs are, even if you would like a class and a performance from a few of our team members, anything is possible!  

Ready to start bring in some creativity to your school ? We’ll be able to better guide and help you out! Please call and tell us what you would like to organize for your school. We will get back to you with a free quote and no obligation to commit