Dance Studio



 Our dance studio provides a relaxed family atmosphere that encourages self-expression and enjoyment in dance where in sas dance academy students are taught at a level appropriate to their individual potential and ability. our dance school is one of the premier dance school in mauritius.



SAS  Dance Company have International Qualified Instructors, Choreographers and Performers with the Company . All the studio employees are friendly, qualified and professional in their work who provide continuous support to students. We strive to increase each student`s confidence and personal progress via the development of co-ordination, motor skills, creativity, self-expression and musicality. 




 We make it easy……to start dancing and to be a better dancer. Learning to be a dancer shouldn't be a chore. It should be fun, exciting, rewarding, but most of all, easy. Our classes move slowly and focus on the finer details that make all the difference in your quest to be a dancer.


We make it easy….to meet great people. Did you know that taking group dance lessons at our studio is an easy way of to meet great people .when people come to take dance classes, everyone is starting at the same level and everyone is open to the something new.


 We make it easy ….to spend time together. Experts suggest spending at least two hours of quality time each day is the best way to de-stress and lead a life worth living. The good news is that spending quality time together does not have to be difficult.


We make it easy………. to exercise. Did you ever notice how heavy the weights are at the gym? The good news is that you’ll never have to lift anything made of iron and you can still burn around 400 calories. Dancing is a great way of staying active without the trouble of going to the local gym.


 We make it easy………to perk up our students. With stress taking the toll on students leading to early burnouts and students turnarounds. Dancing could be one way to rejuvenate employees making them more positive towards their goal.